Music Booking: 2/3 Rule

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

If you are thinking about engaging in a non paying or paying #musicgig and you're not quite sure if it's the right fit, follow the 2/3 rule. Please review these three determinants...

1. Money. Is it a paid gig? Is it paid enough to cover for all/some of your expenses (time, gas, money, rehearsal space, musicians, etc.) If not, are you doing it for branding, networking, building up a resume, gaining fans, or personal pleasure?

2. People. How many people will be there in front of you while you are performing- what is the minimum expectation, and the max expectation? Are these the demographics in which you are catering to?

3. Music. Can you play your original music, or are covers required? Is it a mix? Are there songs or genres that you will have to cover within your set that you are happy or not so happy about?

If you find that you are generally happy with at least two out of the three determinants mentioned above, do the gig!

If not, you may want to really consider the opportunity being presented.

YMG Pro Tip:

If you believe that the opportunity isn't a good one, do not take your frustrations out on the person offering the opportunity, as they could potentially be a connection you meet again later down in the road (for a better opportunity.) Instead, learn the art of denying a gig, and hold your head high! We are all at different points of our careers.

Life. Love. Music

- YMG Team

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