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I teach guitar, bass, ukulele, songwriting and recording using a student centered individualized instruction style. This approach embraces each student's unique needs while focusing on the joy of music. Each student learns what THEY want to learn. This is the opposite of the standard guitar store approach where everyone is taught out of the same lame book as if all people had the same musical interests and tastes. The goal is to have the students guitar lesson the coolest time of the week. The more fun we have while learning the more we learn!


I use Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Garage Band and Reason recording software (or DAW’s digital audio workstations), to inspire and teach. Whether recording a section of a solo phrase to play back to a student, or helping a beginner to understand rhythm by playing along with a drum machine, I am always implementing new and exciting instructional tools.In addition to guitar, bass and ukulele, I often teach song-writing and production to aspiring musicians. I have been writing, recording and performing regionally and nationally in numerous bands (Scharff Brothers, Radio junkies, Skyler and the band of Thieves) for many years. Using these experiences I bring a wealth of real-life insight about the music industry to the studio. For more advanced students, those who may want to delve into the crazy joyous world of gigs and beyond, theory is also a very important part of my teaching method.


I believe it is important to understand the building blocks of music (chords, scales, harmony) to feel confident in any musical situation. This greatly increases a student’s ability to improvise, but more importantly creates a sense of self-sufficiency and confidence. This helps move students beyond simply being a “player” and challenges them to become a thinking and creative musician.

Music, Art, Positivity, Process...that is the MAPP to where you want to go with your instrument. I can help you on that trip :)

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